Baby lamb suppliers

Ranchers within a radius of 250 km around our location, included in the provinces of Soria, Segovia, Guadalajara and Burgos. We provide Baby lamb "churro of Castile" best quality breed know for its unique taste.

Lamb providers

Ranchers in the provinces of Cáceres and Badajoz. We provide "pure merino lamb breed" that go directly to our feedlots where we exhaustively control the fattening process to take the exact weight specified by each client..

Kid goats suppliers

Farmers in the provinces of Toledo, Cuidad Real and Jaén with whom we have collaborated for over 30 years and who supply us with this exclusive product not always easy obtain.

"The relationship with suppliers is essential in a market that fluctuates so much. The fidelity of years assures us the best genre even in the worst of timess"

Saturnino Arribas Sánchez, Purchasing Director

GRUPO AMARO suppliers are an essential part of the company. There is always a direct personal relationship and many years of loyalty.

The importance of this working system is to ensure the acquisition of the best animals as well as a reliable and consistent supply.

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